A popular calçotada of our own

19 February 2024 Activities and Events

It’s the season for one of the most festive meals of winter: the calçots. That’s why, last weekend, we gathered again at the Club Restaurant to celebrate and enjoy a good calçotada together, as tradition dictates.


And we did it very well!


La calçotada


As you well know, to savor this delicious local product, it takes a lot of patience and dedication. For this reason, first of all, we would like to thank Joaquim Silva and his team. All of them, with a lot of effort, invested their morning both in setting up the tables and in achieving a lively fire, to then roast the calçots over the grapevine flames.

The event took place at the Cub Restaurant and began at two in the afternoon. As is customary, we welcomed the diners with a glass of cava or beer, according to each person’s preference. The first dishes consisted of a variety of exquisite appetizers. Dishes such as the crispy artichoke, toast with Iberian ham, and escalivada with goat cheese were the ones that awakened our palate with an incredible diversity of flavors.

Afterwards, the eagerly awaited calçots arrived. With them came the moment to forget about the rules, to eat with our hands, dirty our fingers, and have fun like little children. It is also important to note that we cannot talk about this wonderful calçotada without mentioning the romesco sauce that accompanied it, making us truly lick our fingers. After dipping the calçots in it, some of us took the opportunity to add it to the grilled Iberian pork secret, left by the calçot wood, or simply for the bread!



This gastronomic day is the second of our social activities and, without a doubt, one of our favorites: local products, outdoors, and accompanied by friends and family. What more could you ask for?