Boletada, the last gastronomic event of the year

25 November 2023 Activities and Events

This afternoon, the Club Restaurant was packed to the brim with the celebration of the Boletada, the most emblematic gastronomic event of autumn and also the one that marks the end of the Club’s social activities calendar. The evening has been a complete success and has also served as a farewell to the year 2023 with the Club’s members and users.

The Boletada

The final gathering of the year began at one in the afternoon. This time, mushrooms took center stage in the menu. As starters, sautéed chickpeas with shredded sausage and porcini mushrooms, sautéed saffron milk caps, mushroom croquettes, fried eggs with chanterelles and truffle were served. The main course featured a veal fillet, and to conclude the meal, a hot chocolate biscuit with nuts was served. Once again, Joaquim Silva and his team offered a menu with excellent quality local products.


Despite being the last gastronomic event of the year, we were fortunate to enjoy an extraordinary day. The sun shone and warmed the gathering as diners savored the menu. The gentle breeze helped create the perfect atmosphere to share this meal overlooking the harbor and the Medes Islands.

We take this opportunity to announce that soon we will publish the calendar of social activities for the year 2024. We have exciting news for everyone! The first gastronomic event of the year, scheduled for January, will be directly related to sea urchins. A fascinating culinary experience where we will explore and celebrate this delicious product. Get ready for a year full of gastronomic experiences and memorable moments!