Eugeni Figa on the Girona Valley Podcast

19 December 2023 Activities and Events

In the latest episode of Girona Valley, the podcast by Diari de Girona and La Factoria focusing on ideas, innovation, talent, and business in the Girona region, our director of Club Nàutic Estartit, Eugeni Figa, emerges as a featured guest.


Marinas Promoting the ‘Blue Vitamin’


In the interview, Figa shares his vision regarding the evolution of the sports ports along the Costa Brava. In recent times, they have been focusing on issues such as energy transition, environmental preservation, and sustainability management.

These transformations serve as a clear reminder of the need to preserve the natural beauty of the Costa Brava with its appealing “Vitamina Blava“, as ensuring this is essential to secure the continuity of this exceptional environment and the vitality of tourism in the region.


Vitamina Blava



Therefore, since the pandemic, the ports of the Costa Brava have been proactive in managing the energy transition and have also aligned with ecological improvements and a significant reduction in water consumption, which was notably evident this summer in 2023. It should be added that, in addition, they have coordinated their efforts with the Catalan Cluster for Energy Efficiency and have developed projects to guide all Catalan ports in preparing their infrastructure and facilities to face the challenges of climate change up to the year 2050 and beyond.


A Firm Environmental Commitment


Finally, our director of Club Nàutic Estartit concludes the interview by emphasizing that Estartit and the flora and fauna of the Medes Islands constitute a privileged marine environment. His commitment to preserving these unique environments for future generations remains steadfast, as a lover of the sea and advocate for environmental preservation.