“Kanviem?” shows the effects of climate change in the Medes Islands

17 November 2023 Sustainability

“Kanviem?” with Olivia Mandle

The program “Kanviem?”, led by the young activist Olivia Mandle, has become a beacon of awareness about the consequences that climate change is causing in Catalonia. In addition to showing the unfiltered reality, the format also highlights projects and initiatives that are achieving significant success in the fight against climate change in our country.

The climate emergency becomes evident with alarming forecasts: experts assure that in the next five years, thermometers will break records. Oceans, crucial for the planet’s survival, are also becoming warmer and have less oxygen. It is estimated that this ecosystem, vital for the planet’s survival, is heating up 40% faster than previously predicted. Olivia Mandle and the “Kanviem?” team travel to the Medes Islands to verify and document these impacts.


Chapter 1. Suffocating the sea

In their exploration, the activist discovers how acidification affects ecosystems and marine biodiversity. However, not everything is hopeless: they also learn about restoration processes using algae resistant to changes in seawater temperature to counteract these devastating effects.

The program adopts a fundamental pedagogical approach, not only informing about the climate crisis but also providing tangible ideas and actions that viewers can implement in their daily lives. The premise is clear: the natural balance has been disrupted by human activity, but there are still opportunities to reverse this situation.

It’s time to join forces and rethink our role in preserving the planet. “Kanviem?” invites deep reflection and collective action. The call is clear: Shall we change? The challenge is immense, but every small change in our actions can make a difference in protecting our environment and building a sustainable future.

From the Club, we invite you to watch this first chapter to become aware of the importance of the marine ecosystem.