The School Sailing season begins at Club Nàutic Estartit

28 March 2024 Activities and Events

It is very exciting to promote nautical education and awareness about the marine environment to all boys and girls in schools. Therefore, at the Centre d’Activitats del Club Nàutic Estartit, we offer an opportunity for all students to get to know and connect with the sea.

We also aim to develop important skills such as navigation and respect for the natural environment of our municipality, especially the Natural Park of the Medes Islands.


Courses for all boys and girls


The introductory sailing courses for 5th and 6th grade students from Portitxol de l’Estartit and Quermany de Pals schools consist of eight sessions at our facilities. They are held during school hours, within the Physical Education subject. Incorporating this type of activity is an excellent way to integrate practical learning into the school curriculum.

On the other hand, students from the Sant Gabriel School in Torroella will come to do recreational sailing and kayaking.

We will also have students from the Training Cycles of Guide in the natural environment and leisure time from the Montgrí Institute. The latter have already completed an introductory sailing course during the first trimester, and will now begin the improvement sessions.



Why is School Sailing important?


The knowledge of the different outdoor sports that can be practiced through School Sailing is of great help. These initiatives not only promote physical activity and practical learning but also help children to develop and grow professionally for a future in which the conservation of natural resources will be more important than ever.