Club’s Participation in the Conference “Climate Change: Impact on Recreational Navigation”

22 November 2023 Sustainability
Climate Change

Club Nàutic Estartit actively participated in the conference ‘Climate Change: Impact on Boating’ held in Banyuls on Friday, November 17th. This event, organized by the Union des Villes Portuaires d’Occitanie and the Parc Naturel Marin du Golfe du Lion, brought together authorities and representatives from the maritime sector with the aim of discussing collaborative proposals and evaluating joint strategies related to climate change and navigation.

Measures to Address Climate Change

The prominent presence of the director of the Club Nàutic Estartit, Eugeni Figa, provided an enriching insight into the direct repercussions of climate change on leisure nautical activities. Eugeni Figa highlighted significant aspects regarding the management of the water crisis in sports ports along the Girona coast and presented specific examples addressing this issue, including a set of recommendations for port facilities during the water emergency situation.

Climate Change

Additionally, the participation of the vice president and managing director of the Club Nàutic L’Escala, Raimon Roca, emphasized the commitment of various entities and ports in tackling the environmental challenges affecting maritime navigation.

Exchange and Reflection Day

The diversity of representatives from the Union des Villes Portuaires d’Occitanie and Ports of Catalonia established a forum for exchange and reflection, fostering the sharing of experiences and exploration of new strategies while encouraging collaboration among different actors in the maritime sector. The essence of this day lay in the unanimous acknowledgment of the urgent need to address climate change holistically, adopting concrete measures to mitigate its impact on the practice of recreational navigation along the coasts.

The Estartit Nautical Club feels satisfied to have actively participated in the discussion day. With initiatives like this, the Club reaffirms its continuous commitment to promoting sustainable practices and seeking solutions aimed at preserving the marine environment.