Awards for the Club and our sailors at the Festa de la Vela Catalana

01 February 2024 Activities and Events

Yesterday, Wednesday, January 31st, the Festa de la Vela Catalana took place. This event is important for the Catalan sailing community, as it provides an opportunity to celebrate the successes of athletes from the clubs. It also recognizes the fundamental importance that this sport holds in society.


The Festa de la Vela Catalana at the America’s Cup Experience


The Festa de la Vela Catalana took place at the America’s Cup Experience de Barcelona. It started at 5:00 PM with a prior identification of the athletes and participating clubs.

Subsequently, the attendees were able to enjoy a visit to the informative space of the America’s Cup Experience, an immersive experience that offered us a unique perspective on the richness and history of sailing.



Awards for the Club and our sailors


At 6:00 PM, a general assembly led to the presentation of awards to the most outstanding athletes and clubs of the season. It was here, amidst applause from the audience, that we were honored with two prestigious awards in recognition of our commendable performance during the years 2022 and 2023.

Firstly, we were distinguished with the Gold Sail for the year 2022, a well-deserved award due to our leading role in organizing the Spanish Championship of the Europe Class, as well as other notable regattas such as the Classic Sailing and the Illes Medes Trophy for Optimists. Additionally, we were awarded the Silver Sail for the activities and contributions of the year 2023.



The celebration was not only a party for the Club but also for two of our star sailors. Sara Ayats was recognized for her exceptional second position in the Sub17 category during the Youth European Championship of the Europe Class in2023. On the other hand, Aina Artalejo was awarded for her triumph in the Catalonia Championship of Group 2 Optimist in the year 2022.