Cod, the starring dish of the Third Gastronomic Event

05 March 2024 Activities and Events

Last Saturday, on March 2nd, we celebrated at the Club’s Restaurant the Third Gastronomic Event of the year: Cod, where we focused on highlighting the virtues of this fish, as it is one of the most cherished in our Mediterranean cuisine.


Cod, the star of the lunch


This event attracted fish enthusiasts to enjoy a pleasant meal where the delicious Cod was undeniably the star of the lunch.

With the great views of the port and sheltered from the wind, diners were able to enjoy a carefully crafted menu to showcase the versatility of cod in various preparations. Therefore, a series of meticulously thought-out culinary proposals were offered to highlight its exquisite flavor and quality.


A diverse selection of dishes


The event kicked off with a selection of three appetizers: cod croquettes, marinated cod with bell pepper and onion, and, finally, shredded cod salad, as salads are a classic to capture the essence.

The main course was Cod al ajorriero, a traditional maritime dish. Each presentation was characterized by highlighting the quality of the fish and was combined with different accompaniments to enjoy the culinary experience in a diverse and satisfying manner.



To end the meal on a sweet and elegant note, yogurt with strawberries was the chosen dessert.


Gastronomic Events to fully enjoy the Club


Once again, with the Club’s Third Gastronomic Event, we managed to turn an ordinary Saturday into a unique occasion to enjoy a wonderful combination: Mediterranean cuisine in a privileged maritime environment.



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